The JoJo Scholarship :

The JoJo Scholarship “I Believe in Young Talent” is sponsored by Joanna Bonilla, a young woman who once used to play soccer. She was inspired to do this scholarship for many different reasons.
Mainly it was to encourage kids to believe in themselves. It’s not always about the BEST player or the #1 ranking player, we also have to celebrate the players that play with their hearts. The players that surprise us with how much they care about the game also he player on the sideline, cheering the team to glory; let’s celebrate them and encourage them to keep that great attitude up.
Soccer brings everyone together! We cheer the wonderful talent our kids have, remember it’s not always about being the BEST but it’s also about leaving our heart out on the field.
Soccer has helped so many people accomplish their dreams and for that reason, The jojo Scholarship “I Believe in Young Talent” will donate $500 to International Football Club (IFC). The winners of this scholarship will receive $250 each that will cover half of their next season fees.